Residential Design trends: a flexible open concept

A major residential design trend in 2016 is an open concept floor plan. This idea is not new has been popular for some time, but trends show new adjustments for modern living. Spaces are now connected by design instead of partitions.

In the past, rooms had a defined purpose and parts of the house were isolated by halls and walls. Small, closed off rooms once helped the house stay warm in winter. Now, because of improved heating, all rooms can be comfortable and open.

Clearing away blocked sight lines makes your house feel larger. Removing hallways gives you more freedom of movement. This is especially important to seniors and handicapped people, who need more room to safely move around.

Designers now concentrate on removing barriers around the kitchen. This area now spreads outdoors as homeowners add not only grills, but also outdoor storage, counter space and refrigeration. Many people find they do not need an isolated dining room and instead this space flows into the kitchen area. Or, the kitchen is open to the living or family room. This is especially useful to busy parents who want to talk to others or keep an eye on the kids while cooking.

The new color trends in 2016 show designers using lots of white or pale colors. This is another trick to make your home seem more open and spacious. Larger windows are another trend, because they fill the home with natural light. Designers are using more glass in general. Even a bathroom seems more spacious with a coat of white paint and a clear glass shower wall.

If you are renovating your old home or building a new one, there are plenty of new design ideas to make it more comfortable and functional. Please contact us for more information.