Residential Design Trends: A Personal & Private Home Gym

If you're interested in staying healthy, but you don't like public gyms or you find them inconvenient for any reason, consider adding a gym to your home. Imagine having a private area to work out in with all of your personal equipment available to you any time that you want to use it. You can remodel a spare bedroom or even use an area in your basement for your gym -- wherever you have any extra, mostly unused space.

There are a lot of different design trends these days for home gyms, depending on the space that you have available. Regardless of your space, you'll need a couple of standard items. Good flooring under your equipment is a necessity. A strong tile or hardwood works well to support the weight, and it looks great in any decor. You'll also want to install adequate lighting. Recessed lighting is a good choice and will considerably brighten the area, making your workout more enjoyable.

Small Spaces - If you have only a small space available, select your favorite 2-3 pieces of equipment to fill the area. Place them in a line or a corner in your space. Install some shelving nearby to hold towels, hand weights, a stereo system, or anything you'll need to make working out more fun and comfortable. If you're placing gym equipment in a multi-purpose room, consider also adding a decorative room divider. A stand-alone divider can provide additional privacy when needed and is also removable when you want a more open look.

Large Spaces - If you have more space available, place 4-5 pieces of equipment into the area. This way, you'll have a better variety to choose from, and you won't get tired of doing the same type of workout all of the time. Including some exercise mats on the floor in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors will give you even greater flexibility. With extra floor space, you're able to do yoga or other exercise routines while watching your form in the mirrors. Don't forget to include some built-in storage cabinets for dumb bells, resistance bands, and a place to keep your mats when not in use.

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