Residential Design Trends: A Private Home Library

Although technology provides us with electronic books and online reading, there's still something special about being surrounded by actual printed books. The appeal of holding a real book in your hands and flipping each page -- while enjoying a fantastic story -- never seems to fade. As such, a popular residential design trend now is to include a private library in one's home. An extra room, or any space rarely used, can become a library with some forethought and planning.

Bookcases - The focal point of any library is the books, of course. You'll want to install as many bookcases as you have space for. Choose tall, open bookcases and fill the wall space with them. Ideally, you'll want tall bookcases on at least two sides of the room if possible. You can then install shorter bookcases under any windows. Don't worry about completely filling up the cases with books. You'll want some open shelves, so you can add more books later.

Seating - In the center of the room, put down an area rug and place two chairs there, where you and another family member can read for as long as you desire. For your chairs, choose recliners or chairs with ottomans for the most comfort. A side table next to each chair, or one in-between the two chairs, will give you space to set books, drinks, or snacks.

Lighting & Seasonal Considerations - You'll want adequate lighting in the room. A ceiling fan with lights works well. It provides the brightness necessary for reading, and the fan will help keep you cool on hot, summer days. If you have space, consider also installing an electric fireplace. This addition will make the room look and feel cozier, and a fireplace will help keep you warm in the winter.

With just a little remodeling and imagination, you can turn almost any room into a fabulous library. Having such a peaceful area to retire to after a long day is a true luxury. For more ideas about remodeling your home, please contact us today. Our professional staff is ready to help!