Residential Design Trends: A Zen Retreat

Stress is a real problem for most of us these days. Our jobs are hectic. We're always running errands or hustling to make appointments. Life's demands often seem unending. Wouldn't it feel nice to have a serene place to go, right inside your home, where you could rejuvenate?

It's possible! Do you have an empty, spare room or maybe a guest room that is rarely used? Consider having it redesigned into one of the more popular residential design trends of late -- a Zen retreat where you can do yoga, meditate, or simply relax.

Elements involved in such a design include:


First, have the walls painted a tranquil color. Try small patches of different colors to see how they look before making your final selection. Then pick one wall and hang a full-sized wallpaper mural -- such as a photo of a beach, a forest, a garden, or any other peaceful scene.


Wood or carpeting will work. Match the color to your theme -- a light sandy tone for the beach, a rich dark brown to simulate a forest floor, perhaps a light gray for a garden. This will make you feel as if you're truly immersed in the scene.


To complete your retreat, have an indoor water fountain installed. The sound of the gently running water will relax you. Include potted plants for a real sense of the outdoors. You can even have a sound system set up to play nature sounds -- chirping insects, singing birds, or a bubbling brook to complement your fountain. Finally, add meditation cushions or benches for comfortable seating.

The possibilities are endless. Contact us for even more residential remodeling ideas. We'll manage your design and handle the stress for you!