Residential Design Trends: Adapting Your Home for Aging Parents

The U.S. population is rapidly aging. By 2030, 20% of the population will be 65 and older. In addition, as people get older, they increasingly have health issues that require them to have care. Strokes, vision impairment, and movement or difficulties can all cause difficulty with the activities of daily living.

It could be that your mom or dad will need to move in with you for care and supervision. More than 40% of baby boomers are caring for a parent, either physically or financially, and 37% more think they will need to in the future. Therefore, adapting a home for an older family member is one of the leading residential design trends.

If you may have parents live with you, how can you best plan it? Here are three tips.

1. Plan it before it happens. While the event that causes your parent to move in with you may be sudden, your plan for it doesn’t need to be. If your home or property is large enough to accommodate a parent, discuss the possibility with them while they are still in their own place. Do they feel comfortable moving in with you? If you have siblings, do they feel comfortable with mom or dad living with you? It’s best to know everyone’s comfort level before you begin a modification.

2. Map out potential space. It is likely your older parent will need to be on a single level where walking and mobility are easiest, not on a second or third story. This can be handled by remodeling a den or even a porch to be living space, or by building an addition.

3. Build with safety features in mind. It could be your parents will need safety features like a ramp, grab bars in the bathroom, or even hydraulic beds. Be sure to get this information before adapting your home.

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