Residential Design Trends: Built-in Cabinetry for Every Room


When designing the rooms in your house, don't overlook the need for additional storage. You can help to solve this need with built-in cabinets. Beautiful cabinetry in every room will increase your home's value. Wood cabinets also look gorgeous and will enhance your decor.

Cabinetry Ideas for Your Rooms

Entryway -- If you have a two-story house with stairs in the foyer and the space under the stairs is empty, consider having custom cabinetry built into that area. You can use the shelving here for various purposes, like displaying art items or keeping books on the shelf. You can also use it as a drop zone and place baskets on open shelving to hold gloves, caps, scarves, or other items.

Living Area -- In your primary living area, open cabinetry works well to hold movie DVDs, photos of the family, or trophies. Closed cabinetry will keep the area looking neat and can hold extra throw pillows or blankets. Get cabinetry built on each side of your fireplace if you have one. You can also select one entire wall for a bank of cabinets to give you maximum storage.

Dining Room -- Built-in custom cabinetry in your dining room with glass fronts will beautifully show off your China or crystal pieces. Include a closed cabinet in the room to hold extra dishes, napkin holders, and your silver flatware. With a buffet-height unit you can keep the top clear and use it as a serving spot when you have formal dinners or a holiday gathering.

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Bathrooms -- Custom cabinetry over your toilet and between the double sinks in your bathrooms will give you a significant amount of storage. Closed cabinets will allow you to stuff whatever you need inside and keep it private. You can dress up the cabinets with colorful knobs or even use ones with crystal or jewel accents if you want something different from the usual gold or silver hardware.

Bedrooms -- Sleeping areas are the perfect spaces for built-in cabinetry. The cabinets can hold extra clothing, jewelry, craft items, or even toys for your children. Use open cabinetry to display collectibles, books, or as a place to set electronic items such as laptops, tablets, or cell phones. Even simple corner cabinets can add much-needed storage space.

Gorgeous storage solutions will make your life easier and will please everyone in the family. For more information about residential design trends that can improve the convenience, look, and value of your home, contact us today!