Residential Design Trends: Glass Decor

A popular residential design trend when remodeling is to use glass decor. Glass designs look stunning and sleek in almost any room of a home. With glass items, areas of a room remain unobstructed and so appear larger. Glass also lets additional light flow into a space, creating an airy and bright atmosphere.

A Few Glass Decor Ideas:

Entry -- Your entry is the first thing that people see when they visit your home. For homes that have two or more floors, a staircase in the entryway is quite common. Create a unique look by replacing your wooden or metal staircase railings with glass panels. Glass panels provide protection when you use the stairs while not blocking the view. Etched glass is especially lovely and will look like a piece of art in your home.

Living Room -- A living room usually has a coffee table and a couple of end tables. Use glass tops for these tables with decorative bases to make a real design statement. Oval or round glass tops prevent injury if you bump into them -- no sharp corners -- and look gorgeous in any decor. Next, design a gallery wall using multi-colored glass tiles, arranged in a creative style, to bring the decor in the room together.

Dining Room -- If your living room and dining room flow together, glass dividers are a perfect way to separate the space without making the area look choppy. Install two narrow floor-to-ceiling glass dividers, one on each side of the room, to provide a small separation of the two areas. A slightly tinted, glass top for your dining room table will complete the look and coordinate nicely with your other glass items.

Bathrooms -- For a small half bath, install clear glass shelves over the toilet or on a nearby wall. Shelves make handy places to set a tissue box, candles, or other items. The glass will keep the bathroom from looking crowded or feeling claustrophobic. If you use more than one shelf, leave plenty of space between them. The extra space makes the shelves easier to clean and gives you more flexibility when deciding what to place on them.

Many glass decor options exist for your home. For more tips and information about glass and other popular design trends, please contact us today. We can help you update your rooms with the latest and best styles in residential home decor.