Residential Design Trends: Going Retro in Your Kitchen

Retro is making a comeback in home design! Retro is a decor style that's influenced by trends from past decades. The most popular retro designs encompass looks from the 1950s and 1960s. To add a unique appearance to your home, try using a few retro design elements in your kitchen.

Color Palette -- Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a retro feeling to your kitchen. Aqua, lime green, or a soft yellow color works well. Pair your cabinets with a white, subway tile backsplash for a clean and bright look.

Checkered Floor Tiles -- Checkerboard floor tiles scream retro. These tiles usually come in black and white, but other colors work as well. Burnt orange and cream tiles look snazzy. Yellow and white tiles or deep blue tiles mixed with gray also give a great retro appearance. Try red and white for a bold look or light gray and white for something more subdued.

Built-In Banquette -- For an eat-in kitchen, upholstered bench seating is a classic look. Choose a lively shade of red, orange, or blue for the most impact. In front of the table, place a couple of chairs with metal legs and backs and padded seats in the same color as the bench to complete the retro look.

Vintage Bar Stools -- Remember old-style, soda parlor bar stools? These look great in front of a kitchen bar, and your family will love them! Choose thick, brightly padded seats -- some even come with a padded back for more comfort. The metal pedestals will add shine as well as a distinctive retro feeling to your space.

Combine one or more of these retro looks with modern or vintage appliances to spruce up your kitchen design. For more residential trends in design or additional information on updating your home, please contact us today.