Residential Design Trends: Interior Barn Doors Writer

A residential design trend that's popular these days is using barn doors in the interior of your home. A barn door is one that slides open and closed along a metal railing. The difference between barn doors and pocket doors is that a barn door glides along the outer wall instead of sliding inside the wall.

Barn doors can come as a single or double door, depending on your needs and the space you have available. Your home doesn't need to have a country decor to use these types of doors. You can hang them in almost any home. When matching your home's style, the material used becomes the key.

Glass -- For an elegant look, try barn doors made with glass. You can use plain glass, etched glass, colored glass, or even stained glass. Combine the glass with a wooden or metal frame for a heavier look. This type of door will look lovely at the entry of a formal dining room or even as the door to an office situated at the front of your home.

Natural Wood -- A more traditional choice is a natural wood barn door. This selection brings a feeling of the outdoors inside your home. A barn door works well for a pantry or as the entry into your mudroom. Double barn doors made of natural wood also look trendy when used to separate a formal living space from a family room.

Painted Wood -- Barn doors of various colors are quite versatile and will look good in many areas of your home. Keep the doors white or light gray for a more sophisticated appearance. Use brightly colored doors for a fun look. Painted wood barn doors work well in front of a utility room. You can also use them in your master bedroom to provide separation from a sitting area or even use them as the doors into your master bathroom.

Interior barn doors will add a unique touch to your home and will impress your entire family. For more distinctive residential design trends, please contact us today. We can help you update your home with the latest decor and interior design styles!