Residential Design Trends: Intimate Outdoor Spaces

Part of creating the home of your dreams includes paying special attention to the outdoor area of your home as well. It doesn't matter if the space that you have to work with outside is small, because creating an intimate outdoor living space is one residential design trend that you don't want to miss out on. Let's take a look at how you can design and create the perfect intimate outdoor living space.

Patio Makeover

Whether you have an existing patio or you haven't yet added one, they are an important part of your outdoor space makeover. Lots of patios tend to be small and bland. It's all about adding pizzazz while utilizing the space you have to work with at the same time. Cozy and colorful should be the look and the feel that you're going for. This means filling your space with comfortable furniture and tasteful accessories, like tables, chairs, folding furniture, pillows, and stylish storage.

Fresh Greenery

You can really bring an outdoor space to life with some fresh greenery. Planter boxes and flower pots lining your patio or mounted on to any rails look fantastic. If space is really an issue, you can even consider growing things vertically. This can be done by fastening potted plants on to a wall or a fence. Adding some type of water element next to your patio really makes the perfect finishing touch. The sounds are truly peaceful and relaxing.

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