Residential Design trends: Inviting Entryways

Make an Impression in the Entryway

Most people are familiar with the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to judge a house by the first room people enter. For many, that room is the entryway. An ignored entryway can not only leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths, but it is usually the only room that visitors ever see. When it comes to residential design trends, many overlook the simple accents that can make a small space like an entryway dazzle guests. There are only a few inexpensive ways to create a great one.

Personalize It

Nothing says more about a home than the people who live in it. Hanging multiple pictures of your family is a wonderful way to not only invite friends into the home, but also give those waiting for a family member something to see. From a large family photo, to multiple individual shots, pictures can be easy and inexpensive additions to a very important room.

Have a Seat

Many times the people in our entryways are waiting for a family member or two. Why not add to their comfort level with some interesting seating. Since they are not likely to be dwelling in this area long, you can bet that presentation is more important than comfort, although it is possible to successfully blend the two. The traditional small couch with beautiful pillows and soft cushions is always acceptable, but don’t feel trapped to traditional seating. Auctions, estate sales, and garage sales are great places to purchase creative seating options. Sometimes the best finds in furniture come from a commercial establishment that is remodeling. Antique theater or auditorium seats add individuality. In addition, a re-purposed bench from a picnic table or a garage could be cleaned up, painted, and put into an entryway for stylish functionality.

Coat Rack Envy

The old-fashioned coat rack is a great accent in any entryway, but you no longer have to stop at the traditional. According to The Home Story, re-purposed wood "gives a nice contrast and warms the room up." Depending on your style, many items can be re-purposed for this very task. If you have hunters in your family, antlers work nicely if properly mounted. Creatively hung door knobs, brightly painted faucet knobs, reclaimed wood with metal hooks, or artistically painted pegs on peg boards can really add personality. This is an area where anything goes.

All the Small Things

Because very little actual living goes on in the entryway, home owners can feel free to add interesting, delicate artifacts. Glass vases, fun pottery, and even small lamps can create inexpensive, authentic touches. What’s even better, these items can be interchanged easily for season and mood.

Endless Options

Many times the entryway is a forgotten, lonely room. There are so many ways that homeowners can liven up a very important room. This is the first and last room that guests see and is safe from many of the day-to-day living activities that can provide wear and tear on a room. Contact us for more ideas to brighten this important room.