Residential Design Trends: Kitchens Take Center Stage

Kitchens are definitely getting bigger and better as time goes on. They are the primary meeting point of most homes, and the place that family and friends gather to spend quality time together cooking, eating, and just catching up and talking. All the more reason to make it grand. Kitchens are definitely one residential design trend that is taking center stage.

Space, Space, and More Space

When it comes to kitchens, the more spacious they are the better. Open designs are all the craze these days. The open space helps to create a very sociable kitchen where people have plenty of room to come together and be merry. Instead of traditional dining room meals, many people are now using kitchens as their main place for eating meals.

Storage and Functionality

Design your kitchen with storage and functionality in mind. Lots of cabinets and drawers for storage, and lots of counter space. Go for big over-sized drawers, multi-tiered drawers, walls of luxurious cabinets, and easy to hide futuristic functions around every corner. You can never have enough storage and functionality, and it will really make your life easier.

Bold Lighting Fixtures

Go bold with your lighting fixtures and not just with your colors. We're talking about bold over-sized lighting, like decorative chandeliers, pendant lights, track lights, and so much more. Your goal is to adequately light your kitchen in all the right places while adding immeasurable style to it at the same time.

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