Residential Design Trends: Spice up Your Home With....

If you are like the rest of us, you get bored from time to time. And you may easily blame it on your surroundings: you drink the same brand of coffee every morning, you drive the same roads to and from work every day, and every night when you get home your walls are the same boring color.

What is the cure for this case of the doldrums?

Well you can try a new kind of coffee, repaint your house, get lost on the way to work, or... You could try some simple interior redecorating!



The bed spread is blue, the walls are eggshell, and the decor is light yellow. Now imagine three throw pillows on the bed: one blue with yellow flowers, one yellow with blue lace, and one blue with yellow lace flowers. All of them have leaves in mellow green tones.

And there you have it. Your bedroom just went from boring to beautiful!

Living Room

You have great taste: retro orange couch, modern white end tables, and black accessories.

What are you missing? You guessed it. Custom-made pillows. Imagine: shiny black pillows with a few bold orange stripes, orange pillows with white trim and black finishing, or maybe unassuming white pillows with black polka dots. Because what goes better with your modern retro style than polka dots?

Guest Room

The room you like to think is for your friends, but is really just an escape for you when you get bored with your blue bedroom. But it could be so much more.

Lime green pillows with a white bed spread? Why not. Lavender sheets with deep purple decorative pillows? Always a great idea. Plush red pillows with soft cream edging and brown satin sheets? Yes.

Any Room

By now you get the idea. With custom options in different colors, designs, tones, fabrics, and sizes, you can end the boredom and transform any room into a colorful retreat!

Not sure where to start, let us help. And finally...

Pro Tip: If the house doldrums return and you start thinking of getting lost on the way to work again, rotate the pillows for another fresh start!