Residential Design Trends: Textured Walls

One way to increase interest in a room is with a textured accent wall. The beauty of a textured wall is that you often won't need any other wall art because the texture becomes the art. Textured paint is a popular selection for homeowners, but for an accent wall -- as opposed to a whole room -- you might want to opt for another choice to make your design more unique.

Textured Wallpaper -- This type of wallpaper comes in a variety of styles. A faux texture can have a three-dimensional appearance because of the print, while still being smooth to the touch, which makes keeping it clean a breeze. Wallpaper made to feel rough to the touch, such as with a bamboo or brick texture, is helpful for hiding imperfections. Wallpaper can also be embossed to give it a 3D quality, making it look like wainscoting, beadboard, stone, or tin.

Textured Wall Panels -- Wall panels come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can often paint them to match your decor. They're available in plastic, lightweight wood, even plant fibers. With many wall panels, they resemble the real thing, especially if the panels look like wood or stone. These panels are durable and resistant to damage, so if you've chosen a clean geometric pattern, there's no need to worry about the design suffering in the future due to cracks or chips.

Textured Wall Tiles -- We're all familiar with wall tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms. For an accent wall in other rooms, you should use tiles that have a stone, metallic, tree bark, or even a fabric finish to add a distinctive look to your decor. When using tiles, you can easily mix and match colors and designs, if you want, for the best result. Wall tiles can also help to make a room feel longer or give it height, depending on which way you run the design.

Many options for including texture in your rooms exist. For more design information about adding interest to your walls or other areas of your house, please contact us today. Our team of professionals can help you remodel your home with the latest residential design trends and decor styles.