Residential Design Trends: What a Bathroom Remodel Can Do For Your Home

Whether you're looking to sell your house, update it, or simply just add value to it, a bathroom remodel can really do wonders. If your bathroom is completely outdated you probably really want to consider just gutting the whole thing and starting over, but if it is in fairly good condition there are quite a few things that you can do to really spruce it up. Some ways to do this include replacing hardware on cabinets, or updating the faucet rather than getting a whole new vanity. A bathroom remodel is one residential design trend that you don't want to ignore.

Visual Impact

Think visual impact when you start planning your remodel, especially if you are selling your house. You will want to focus on things like nice tiles, nice fixtures, and nice colors. Definitely take a look at what is currently trending and what bathroom features are notably appealing to buyers. Think of things that have a wow factor and will leave a lasting impression on people. People will connect with things that look nice and give them a comfortable feeling.


Accessories are a great way to really quickly and effectively refresh a bathroom without breaking the bank. This would include getting new towels, a new shower curtain, and lots of little eye-catching decorations and pieces. And make sure to arrange things in a way that is captivating, like rolling towels or folding them nicely, and keeping your vanity free of clutter.

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