Spring Home Maintenance Checks

Spring will soon be upon us and people will start to venture out from their homes after a long winter. The snow will begin to melt and many people will begin to see parts of their home they almost forgot existed, as they stayed warm and cozy inside during the winter months.

Springtime is actually a good time to do a semi-annual review of the exterior of your entire home. Most people never even set foot in their backyard during the wintertime, which means if a wind storm took down some of their roof shingles or if there was a major shift in the soil around their home's foundation, they weren't aware of it.

As soon as they possibly can, homeowners should walk around their entire structure, checking for any signs of roof or siding damage. If they leave their screens in the window frames throughout the winter, they can also check for any holes or tears that need repair. It is also important to observe the area around the home's foundation. As the snow melts, sometimes it forms large, unwelcome puddles of standing water near your home's foundation. This can damage the walls of your basement and lead to costly repairs. If you have a patio structure or outdoor walking areas, check for cracks and areas of frost heaving so they can be repaired before people begin to walk on these areas.

Springtime usually is a time to clean up after a hard winter, but with a little effort your home's exterior will be ready for a summer of relaxation and fun in the sun. For more information on how to maintain your home's exterior so it can rebound from any kind of weather for decades to come, please contact us.