Storage Options When Finishing Your Basement

One concern that many homeowners have when beginning the process of finishing their basement is how to keep some storage space available. While finishing the space can add value and also give your family a lot more living space in the home, a lot of homeowners are reluctant to give up the easy storage space that an unfinished basement can provide. Here are a few tips to keep that storage space, while also adding a lot of value to your home.

Storage Under the Stairs: Depending on the layout of your home and basement, putting a closet under the stairs can be a nice, tidy way to create extra storage space without taking away from your finished basement. Although the closet may be a little smaller, we can help you get creative with ways to make extra space.
Crawl Space: Many basements have a crawl space that can be modified to create a storage space. Lining the floor of the crawl space and adding in storage shelves are a couple of great ways to organize the space, while also creating an environment that will keep your things safe from damage.
Laundry Room: If we are building a laundry room in your basement, this can be a great place to add in extra shelving or other storage spaces within this area. This can be convenient, and also look very nice when designed in specifically as part of your finished basement.
Design a Room Specifically For Storage: If you have a lot of extra stuff, and really don’t want the hassle or expense of renting a storage space, you may want to consider designing a room specifically for storage. Places like the Container Store can offer you great tips and systems for storage that include shelving, bins and other specialty storage items to create a great room that will be organized and look nice as well.