Subcontractors Working On Your Home Project

If you are interested in starting up a home improvement project you know that hiring the right contractor is very important. When we meet new clients they often have hesitations not only about hiring a contractor but how the general contractor will handle subcontractor hiring.

As most people understand, hiring a general contractor typically means that a group (subcontractors) will be brought in to do all of the specialty work. Things like electric, plumbing, carpet installers, etc. are usually jobs handled by subcontractors.

We have found that people hear horror stories about subcontractors coming in and doing sub-par work on their home improvement projects. That is so unfortunate to hear and we certainly like to put our clients’ minds as ease.

So, what we often tell people is that they really shouldn’t worry too much about the subcontractors. The general contractor is responsible for hiring the subcontractors, working out the schedules, getting payment over to the various specialty workers, etc. The general contractor is going to act like a project manager and will keep things moving smoothly.

In the end you should find a general contractor who has an established company with a good reputation. Be sure to get references and if you can see actual completed jobs that is even better! Finding a contractor that is in good standing with the BBB can certainly be a good step to take as well. And don’t forget to ask questions! You need to hire someone who is responsive, makes you feel comfortable and maintains good communication with you during the entire project.