Tackling Issues While Finishing a Basement

Many people we meet with have avoided finishing their basement because they worry about the challenges presented by some of the quirks in their basement. While it is true that there can be some challenges with finishing a basement, at Basement Partners we have encountered several interesting situations and resolved them to create a beautiful and livable basement for our clients. Here are a few potential challenges, as well as resolutions we have found.

Imposing Mechanical Systems: While it is true that your mechanical system (furnace and water heater) may seem very imposing, there are a lot of creative ways for us to incorporate your system into a finished basement. Moving a system can be very costly, so we do our best to partition off the system, all while not disrupting the flow and design of your basement. If you have questions about this, we can always call in an HVAC professional to ensure that the system is properly ventilated.
Water Leaks & Humidity: If your basement feels damp and humid, there are several solutions that we can implement to help resolve this problem. Some solutions include a sump pump (see last week’s blog post for more information regarding this), extra insulation in the walls or, in extreme cases, a dehumidifier. Luckily the lower humidity in Colorado often makes this issue easier to solve.
Columns in the Middle of the Room: Although they can be somewhat disruptive, basement columns are usually load-bearing and can’t be removed. We can help you get creative with these columns by incorporating them into the design of the room, and lessening the disruptive feel of the columns. This is an issue we run into frequently, so we can help you design the room as ideally as possible.
Ductwork: Oftentimes ductwork in an unfinished basement can appear very unattractive and disruptive, just as the columns. However, this is another element that we can get creative with during the design of the basement. By incorporating it into the design rather than taking on the hassle and expense of moving it, you will likely save money and we can usually make the ductwork look like a natural part of the finished basement.