The Open Kitchen Concept – What Is It?

Many homeowners we meet are interested in discussing the open kitchen concept. But what exactly is the open kitchen concept, and why is it suddenly so popular? About 25 years ago, the kitchen was a closed off room that was relegated to the back of the house. More recently, the concept of creating the kitchen as an open room has gained in popularity, and according to home design experts, is not going anywhere. So what are the benefits to the open kitchen?

Ideal for Entertaining: The main reason to incorporate an open kitchen in your home is the ease of entertaining. People tend to gather in the kitchen, so why not create an open, inviting space where people feel comfortable in your home? Plus, as the host or hostess, it is much easier to socialize with guests and family if they are able to be in the kitchen.
Appliances & Finishes: Most appliance manufacturers are embracing this concept, and creating appliances that blend seamlessly into the kitchen and appear very attractive to guests. Finishes and concepts such as the microwave drawer also help incorporate the kitchen into the family or living room as well.
Family Atmosphere: Families with children are also embracing this concept, because it allows for more family time in the evenings. As kids come home from school, sports or other activities, it is nice to have a family gathering place in the kitchen while parents prepare dinner and kids work on homework or simply share their day. A nice, open kitchen encourages this interaction, and allows space for everyone to gather in one place.