Three Fresh Ideas When it Comes to Kid-Friendly Home Design

If you love interior design, this doesn't need to go out the window just because you have kids. There are plenty of kid-friendly design options and ways to tastefully incorporate your child’s needs and interests into your decor. Here are three home design options that won’t suffer on style but are workable for kids.

1. Durable Flooring Options

While you might love the look of terracotta tiling or white carpeting, these might not be the best options for a home full of kids and pets. There are plenty of durable flooring options on the market these days, from darker carpeting to crack-resistant tiling. If you love the look of hardwood flooring, this can be achieved with laminate alternatives which are stain and scratch resistant.

2. Chalkboard Walls for Kids and Decor

A fun way to let your kids stay creative and literally be allowed to draw on the walls is to embrace this! Chalkboard paint can be painted on a panel, or even an entire wall. This can be great for bedrooms or your child’s play area. If you want to entire family to get involved, having a wall in the kitchen done up as a checkerboard can help with reminders, notes, and the occasional masterpiece by your children.

3. Built-In Shelving for Style and Organization

Organization is key if you have a family full of little ones, and a great way to nip a messy entryway in the bud is with a comprehensive shelving system. If kids have areas to stow shoes, backpacks, and jackets at their level, everything will have its place. Working with a contractor to utilize your space efficiently and bring in shelving that meets your needs can help you keep both style and order in your home.

With a little creativity, you can incorporate kid-friendly style into your current space. Contact us for design ideas and remodeling assistance if you are ready to make changes to your home.