Three Steadily Growing Kitchen Design Trends in 2016

Almost universally agreed upon as the number one home remodel to add resale value, updated kitchen designs can prove to be a very wise and valuable investment for the savvy homeowner. As 2016 forges onward, what are some of the trends that appear to be taking hold of the residential kitchen design world, you may ask? Well, here are three in particular that you may want to keep your eye on.

  1. The iKitchen

    No, sadly Apple is not designing its own kitchen. What an idea though! Residential designers are, however, starting to include more technology and convenience in today's kitchens. We're starting to see hidden charging areas for tablets and smartphones, so there aren't dangling cords protruding from every available and unsightly outlet in the kitchen. Also, there is a growing trend toward integrating technology into appliances like built-in single serve coffee makers and more.

  2. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!

    They always say that fashion is cyclical. Well, so is residential design to some point because the '80s appear to be back in style for modern kitchen design. Shiny and reflective backsplashes, along with brass finishes and high-gloss surfaces are making a comeback. Just as long as the mullet and leg warmers don't resurface I guess we'll all be okay ...

  3. Light It Up

    The cabinets that is. Cabinet under lighting is a great way to incorporate modern design with functionality. Not only does it look nice when you select the right fixtures, but it also adds a brightness to the room, which can provide further aesthetic appeal. Lastly, it also helps to have a well lit area when carving that company worthy roast beef without possibly severing a much needed finger or two.

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