Tip For CleanUp After Basement Finishing

If you have recently finished your basement you know how much dust can be created – from drywall installation, wall texturing to power sawing. Many homeowners notice that even after the contractors have cleaned up the basement, there still seems to be dust throughout the entire home.

The reason that you may experience a large amount of dust in your home after a basement remodel or finishing project is because the dust has gotten into your ducts. This means that every time you run your furnace, air conditioner or fresh air cycle, you are pushing dust around your home. The dust is essentially trapped!

Something that you can do to eliminate the extra dust in your home is to get your ducts cleaned after your basement project is completed. We recommend finding a company that specializes in duct cleaning to do the job. Not only can the technician remove the dust particles that are sitting in your ducts but they can also scrub your ductwork to get a thorough clean of your entire system.