Tips to Create Space in a Smaller Kitchen

Many of us have much smaller kitchen spaces than we would like, and struggle with how a remodel might help alleviate space issues. The truth is, at Ascent Builders, we do have some great ideas on how you can create more space in your kitchen during a remodel without needing to knock out walls or build more counters.

Use Smaller, More Compact Appliances: Most appliance manufacturers’ offer smaller, more compact appliances to help you save space in your kitchen and give you more space to room and cook. You can find 24 inch refrigerators instead of 30 inch refrigerators, as well as smaller microwaves and ovens.
Make Use of the Center of Your Kitchen: Many kitchens have room for an island to be installed during a remodel, and often these islands can have more storage space underneath for countertop appliances and pots and pans.
Create the Illusion of More Space with Lighting: Although this won’t actually give you more space, it will give your kitchen a more open and appealing feel. We have several tricks to help you create this lighting during the design process.
Replace Solid Cabinet Doors with Glass Ones: This popular trend is a great way to give your kitchen a more roomy appearance, as well as draw the eye to the back of the kitchen. Just make sure to keep your cabinets clutter-free.
Deeper Counters: Consider installing deeper counters that will create more storage space, and therefore the appearance of a larger space.