Unexpected Home Remodel Trends for 2014

Here are a few home remodel trends for the upcoming year that are a little unexpected and off-beat. If you are considering a remodel in 2014, these trends may be something to consider.

Installing a U-Socket: Apple is the go-to for most American households, so homeowners are beginning to install U-sockets that have two built-in USB ports designed to power up iPhones, iPads and gaming devices. One really cool feature of the U-socket is that It automatically turns off when the device reaches full power.
The Curbless Shower or the Freestanding Tub: Homeowners seem to be embracing either the shower experience or the tub experience rather than both. Installing an open shower or a freestanding tub is popular, and also takes up less space in the bathroom.
Floating Shelves in the Kitchen: Rather than blocks of cabinets, some homeowners are opting for free-floating shelves in the kitchen interspersed with cabinets. It is an interesting and modern look.
From Modern to Modest: The starkly modern trends of 2013 are going to morph into a more modest look for 2014. Expect a more relaxed feeling in the kitchen, with earth shades and raw metal finishes.