Update Your Rooms with Stunning Ceiling Options


If you want to give one or more rooms in your home a new look without completely renovating the space, then consider giving your ceilings an update. Many options exist to turn an ordinary ceiling into something spectacular.

3 Gorgeous Ceiling Options

1. Beams. Adding beams to your ceiling gives a room a majestic look and feel. Natural wood will create a rustic flair. Stained wood works well with a traditional or contemporary decor style. If you don't like this particular look, consider ceiling coffers. These are beams arranged in a geometric pattern that creates recesses in your ceiling. You can paint these beams white for a clean and airy look or select a darker stain for a more striking appearance.

2. Panels. Covering your ceiling with wood paneling adds a unique touch to any room. Match the wood to your wooden floor or try a contrasting hue for more interest. Use tongue in groove planks for a smooth look. Bead board is also a great ceiling addition, especially in a home with vintage decor. For a distinctive look, in a modern space, install illuminated panels.

3. Structures. If you want to make a dramatic change to an area of your home, you should consider an update to the ceiling structure, when possible. A tray ceiling, where the center section is higher than the rest of the room, has become a popular choice for master bedrooms and formal dining rooms. A beautiful choice for hallways and entryways is a semicircular barrel ceiling. This eye-catching design choice will make your home feel more spacious and elegant.

Many ways exist to update the rooms in your home. Updates can range from small -- but significant -- changes to a complete redesign. For more remodeling or renovation ideas, please contact us today.