Using and Maintaining Gas Fireplaces and Furnaces

It's been a chilly winter in Colorado, and we still have a ways to go. So we thought we'd share some of the tips from our friends at ProHome about using and maintaining gas fireplaces and furnaces in order to keep your home cozy.


As Bill notes in this video, all gas fireplaces are different, but the one very important thing to remember is NOT to use an ammonia-based cleaner (e.g., Windex) on the glass. When ammonia gets hot, it will leave a white residue on the glass that is almost impossible to remove. So in order to enjoy those flickering flames, only use soap and water to clean the glass on the fireplace.

And here is a very helpful video about furnaces. It's good to know a little more about your furnace in order to keep it properly maintained. If you have a humidifier (and we highly recommend it, if you live in Colorado!), you'll need to remember turning it on in the winter and off in the summer. He also gives some helpful tips about when and how to change your furnace filter--mark your calendar for every 3 to 6 months.

If you have other specific questions about home maintenance, the ProHome videos just might have the answer. Check out the whole series on the 24 things every homeowner should know here.