Using Texture to Create an Upscale Eat-In Kitchen Area

For smaller homes without a separate dining room, the eat-in kitchen often feels too casual for dinner parties or a formal get-together. However, you can make your eat-in kitchen area feel more upscale by using texture around your table.

Accent Wall -- Create one textured wall that will grab your guests' attention. Try textured wallpaper in a bold color or pattern that complements the rest of your kitchen. Stacked stone looks gorgeous on a smaller wall or textured wood paneling on a larger wall. With wood, horizontal paneling makes an area appear more spacious. If you have a low ceiling, use vertical paneling to make the dining space seem loftier.

Accent Ceiling -- You can use texture on your ceiling for added interest. Textured paint is the easiest to use, but you don't have to limit yourself to paint. Wooden beams in a contrasting color will transform the entire area. For an even more unique look, try tin tiles over your table. You can leave the tin natural or paint them. Use two or three different coordinating colors for the most impact.

Accent Flooring -- The simplest solution here is to place a rug under your table. A rug adds texture along with a feeling of warmth and comfort. However, if you have tile or wood flooring in your kitchen, consider using textured stone on the floor under your table and chairs. A stone insert design will create separation from the rest of your kitchen and add a distinctive look that you won't find in most homes.

By including texture in your decor, you can turn any eat-in kitchen area into an upscale dining space. For more information about residential remodeling and design trends, please contact us today.