What is a Pop-Top Remodel?

One thing that has become popular in the Denver area in the past decade or so is what is called a “pop top” remodel. Essentially this an addition that creates an entire second floor for an older home. A lot of the homeowners in the Congress Park and Cheeseman Park areas could consider this sort of remodel to basically double their living space. But is a pop top remodel worth the investment? Here are a few things to consider before undertaking this kind of remodel.

Determine the Initial Size: It is important to decide exactly what you would want your second story addition to look like. Is one bedroom and bathroom enough, or would you like to have an upstairs office? Consulting a professional at this stage can be helpful, too, as you can get an estimate as well as design suggestions from people who have worked on and seen many different second story additions.
Ask Permission: Make sure you visit your local zoning office to make sure you are allowed to add a second story. Most of the codes are going to center on the height of the addition, so its important to thoroughly understand the zoning laws before moving forward on any project.
Crunch the Numbers: Once you have the full picture of the addition, the zoning, and a detailed estimate from a professional contractor, sit down and really decide if investing in a second story addition makes sense for you. Is it worth adding the space, or would you rather move into a larger home?