You Have Decided to Remodel Your Kitchen – What Next?

If you have decided to undertake a kitchen remodel for 2014, there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the process of gathering information and getting estimates.

Layout aka “The Working Triangle”: One major consideration when beginning the remodel is functionality. All major appliances should be less than 7 or 8 feet apart. This includes the dishwasher, the oven/stove unit and the fridge. This maximizes efficiency and creates a smooth and useful kitchen design.
Storage: Maximize kitchen space by adding space saving accessories to your cabinets. This includes spice racks, silverware trays, rollouts for pots and pans, and tiered shelves. All of these will help maximize your existing space and increase functionality as well.
Lighting: Since the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in any home, you want to include a variety of lighting choices. You will want to have functional lighting for tasks such as cooking and working at the kitchen table, as well as accent lighting for night time. A great lighting design will help make your kitchen more comfortable and inviting to your family and guests as well.
Cabinetry: Although the look and feel of your cabinets will set the tone for your kitchen, it is also important to consider cabinet height during a remodel. Although larger cabinets will help maximize storage space, they may be harder to reach. Shorter cabinets won’t provide as much space, but will provide aesthetic appeal by leaving space for display decorations.