Choosing a Contractor

Choosing a Reputable Contractor

Choosing a Contractor

According to Remodeling Magazine, over 80% of customers are not satisfied with their remodeling contractor. Additionally, one out of every four contractors goes out of business each year. We believe the largest reasons are that:

  •    Many contractors make it difficult for customers to compare bids on an apples to apples basis through the use of misleading pricing techniques

  •    Many contractors underbid jobs and subsequently ask for more money to complete the work or perform substandard work to stay within budget

  •    Many contractors do not pull building permits and are not held accountable to building code

  •    Many Contractors do not pay their Subcontractors, resulting in the customer being liable for liens against their property – typically not known until a title search is performed during the sale of the home.

  •    Customers are not made aware that not all basements are the same and that price should not be the only factor considered in making such a large decision

  •    Many Contractors do not finish projects on time – customers are forced to project manage their general contractor

  •    Many Contractors are not responsive - multiple un-returned phone calls leads to frustration

Questions to ask any Contractor before signing a contract (click here to print the list below):
  • Are you a member of NARI & subscribe to the organization’s Code of Ethics?

  • Have you been awarded or recognized for your projects, quality of design & product?

  • Are your employees trained & experienced in customer service and construction?

  • Will you provide you with a complete list of all past clients including current clients?

  • Do you have a General Contractor’s license in this city as well as Liability Insurance & Worker’s Compensation insurance?

  • Do you provide formal design services, including 10 hours with a certified Interior Designer, to design my new space?

  • Does your office have modern technology including computers, email, digital cameras, PDA’s & CAD programs, etc.?

  • Do you do 3D digital walkthrough before construction so we can visualize the space?

  • Do you spell out what IS included and NOT included in the contract?

  • Do you conduct formal walkthroughs at critical stages of the project?

  • Do you use preferred subcontractors & suppliers?

  • Does your company require all Change Orders be in writing and approved?

  • Will you establish a secure process for letting in subcontractors?

  • Will your crews keep the job site clean as an integral part of the workday?

  • Will there be a company representative on my job daily to check on subcontractors?

  • Do you offer a 2-Year "Bumper-to-Bumper" Warranty & 5-Year Limited Warranty on work & products?

  • Is a written schedule created, making it possible for the work to be completed on time?

Basement Partners, Inc. can answer all of the above questions AFFIRMATIVELY!