Ascent Builders designs and constructs distinct, high-quality custom homes, residential remodeling projects, and commercial buildings throughout the Denver metro area. Some of our past projects include

Why hire a general contractor?

As a homeowner, you may not understand the many risks involved in managing a construction project or major renovation from start to finish. Even if you an experienced handyman, are knowledgeable about construction, or just enjoy doing work yourself, acting as your own general requires an entirely different set of skills. To do a job well, you must plan every aspect of the project at the outset. And once you get started, many tasks require the knowledge of an experienced firm like Ascent, such as arranging for permit inspections, wiring and positioning of all electrical outlets, and coordinating various subcontractors. While taking on the role of general contractor may save you money, it will very likely cost you time and quality of the finished product. To an inexperienced person, managing your own renovation or other project can be very stressful.

As a business or other professional organization, it is imperative that you stay on budget and on schedule with your project. One of the most obvious advantages of hiring Ascent for your commercial project is that we will save you time. We have a vast network of subcontractors, architects, engineers, and others who we work with often and trust to work within our timeframes. We also have the advantage of experience and a strong working knowledge of many different types of projects—from schools to office buildings to restaurants— which allow us to develop realistic schedules and budgets. Coordination and communication are two of our greatest strengths, and have helped us develop a track record of success with many satisfied clients.